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Use The Shuttle Racking What You Should Pay Attention To?
Jan 31, 2018

   Shuttle racking automation technology is located between conventional storage rack and automated warehouse, the general automated warehouse will be part of the shuttle racking structure.


   The cost of shuttle racking is far less than that of an automated warehouse, which at the same time saves a lot of manpower compared to conventional storage shelves. The use of shuttle racking not only store very high density, access to goods when the forklift workers only need to take the shuttle at the top pick-up, do not need to access the goods like conventional storage shelves that forklifts back and forth between shelves access. Currently shuttle rack in the access density is relatively large, a single species or less variety of warehouses used very much, more involved in the industry, fruit, food and other food industries, cold storage industry, etc. have used.

   1、Regular maintenance shuttle car and shuttle car racking, shuttle car is the use of charging system, so in the course of when the power is not sufficient to charge in time. Can not wait until the battery is completely exhausted and recharged, which will not only shorten the service life of the shuttle but also cause unnecessary trouble for accessing the goods. In the maintenance process, the shuttle should be operated according to the maintenance manual of the shuttle car. Shuttle racking also need regular inspection, at least to ensure that once a year a thorough inspection and maintenance.


   2、Shuttle racking and conventional racking can not overload the same load, overload bearing is a big taboo for all rack, overload the biggest consequence is that the shelf part of the deformation resulting in security risks.


   3、Shuttle racking should cooperate with corner, fence, guard column and other collision avoidance equipment.