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Tips for Heavy Duty Pallet Racking
Mar 21, 2018

Heavy duty pallet racking, as one of the most popular storage rack system, It is very important to the efficiency and safety of any operation.

Here at HUICHEN, we make a list of operation tips to make the most out of your Heavy duty Pallet racking investments, and how to keep works as safe and possible.

1. Invest in protection heavy duty barriers

Because of the accidents to happen when forklifts move in the storage rack's aisle, investing in protection heavy duty barriers is required. By fitting into the ends of the racks, these keep the racks more sturdy and secure and prevent damaging of items.

2. Timber Decking

Though they can’t be transported without a pallet underneath, timber decking is a great option for smaller items that need temporary storage, or if you only use pallets for general storage and not transport. It is also an effective time saving method if you need to attach goods to a pallet before storing them.

3. Install a camera system

By installing a camera system onto the forklift, operators will have a better view on the pallets before transporting. Besides, it is also an effective way to reduce paperwork as you don’t need to take note each time you add or remove something from the rack, the camera will do the work for you.

4. Storage efficiency

It is important to remember that the space of your pallet is bigger than the space you have for the items. Keep this in mind when organizing your goods to get the most from the space you have available. Make sure you calculate the area of the items minus the measurements of the pallets they will be stored on.

5. Be aware of weight

Though its common sense, it’s just as common for someone to mistakenly stock the Heavy duty pallet racking “top heavy”. Make sure that all heavy duty items are near the bottom and that the items get lighter as you make your way to the top of the rack.