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The Task Of Warehouse Management
Jun 23, 2017

1, the use of market economy means to obtain the largest allocation of storage resources (location, size, professionalism and function, layout and equipment configuration, etc.) 2, to the principle of efficient organization and management agencies. Linear, business-type two forms. To follow the management range, because things post, the principle of reciprocity. 3, to continuously meet the needs of society to carry out business activities. The so-called business activity refers to the external economic relations, including market positioning (survey, analysis) of marketing (and consumer, media, government) trading contract relationship (with consumers, inventory people), customer service (and inventory, such as information feedback and provide inquiries) dispute processing. Meet the needs of society, including the satisfaction of expediency and quality of two aspects, and constantly innovate to provide suitable for economic development of storage products. 4, the principle of high efficiency, low-cost organization of warehousing production. Efficiency refers to the realization of fast forward, fast out, improve storage utilization, the full use of mechanical equipment, low-cost. 5, to quality services, integrity to establish corporate image. 6, through institutionalized, scientific advanced means to continuously improve the management level. Constantly add, revise, perfect, continuously improve, absorb advanced experience, to institutionalize, scientific. 7, from the technical to the spiritual field to improve the quality of staff.