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The Informationization Of Storage Shelves Management Is Insufficient
Jun 23, 2017

   Compared with the developed countries, China's warehouse shelf information status is not optimistic. Foreign warehousing industry after more than 100 years of development, information technology has been quite skilled, in the majority of logistics costs accounted for the proportion of storage costs are declining. 


    At present, the advanced technology and professional development, coupled with a sophisticated management ideas, has formed a good development trend. The main performance in: Storage Shelf management Information system in the warehousing management plays a strategic role, the use of E-commerce technology, Internet platform, with the help of warehousing management software, integration of all aspects of the supply chain contradictions, so that each subsystem coordination work, resource sharing, the ultimate storage cost of enterprises to reduce, achieve zero inventory. 


    The development of information technology promotes the automation of warehousing, and the maturing of storage software has driven the development of informatization, such as the universal use of electronic Exchange system (EDI), barcode (bar code), electronic Sales Information System (POS), RF (Frid), satellite tracking System (GPS), system simulation technology and other technologies to effectively connect the various processes of the dissemination of information, the realization of commodity warehousing, acceptance, sorting, out of the library and other operations. While increasing the efficiency, the cost of the supply chain is greatly reduced.

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