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The Influence Of Logistics Equipment On The Development Of Shelves
Jun 23, 2017

Strictly speaking, the shelf is a kind of logistics equipment, it is a carrier, and different from forklifts and other handling tools. But the logistics equipment we refer to in this article refers to the logistics equipment beyond the shelves, and refers to the handling equipment. Early shelves, generally to manual work for said, so the shelves are mostly medium-sized shelves, just according to customer inventory requirements, customized specifications, design different channel size. Of course, at that time, shelf development is relatively weak, the processing cost of the shelves is relatively high, so the angle steel rack is the first choice for many customers. With the popularization of forklifts, more and more customers put the goods on the pallet, using forklifts to carry the way to improve efficiency and increase the safety factor. The first is mainly diesel forklift, it has a large turnover radius, so in the design of shelves, aisles will generally retain more than 4 meters. In order to control the cost and the actual operation of the situation, many enterprises gradually used a heap of high vehicle to replace the forklift, it is mainly driven by electricity, and in use can be removed from the restrictions on the induction, cheap, small turnover radius. Therefore, in the use of heap high machine premise, aisle design can be controlled in about 2.5 meters, greatly improving the storage rate of the warehouse.