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Storage Shelves Sales And Development Prospects
Jun 23, 2017

Relative to the 2010 warehouse shelves industry to reproduce the high growth momentum, due to the decline in exports, some of the warehouse shelves enterprise technology upgrading and new product contribution rate, is expected to 2011 warehouse shelves industry will still be in a high development period, the first half of 2011, warehouse shelves industry high Growth continued 2010 years of high prosperity. In the second half of the year, in the face of investment, export deceleration and infrastructure reasons, storage shelves industry growth has fallen slightly still high, growth rate in 12%-15%, domestic machinery industry to warehouse shelf demand is still strong, the competition pattern is stable, the export and the import substitution is swift, the raw material price rises pressure enterprise can withstand or digest, at the same time, automobile, motorcycle, vehicle, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, machine tool, metallurgy equipment all maintain the high growth rate, to the storehouse shelf demand increases, compared with other manufacturing industries, Warehouse shelves industry growth will still be at the forefront. Large-scale enterprises can fully through negotiations with the export trader and then both sides to benefit or to the internal tapping, efficiency and other ways to digest the tax rebate rate to reduce the impact on the enterprise. Even if the product is not exported, large enterprises will also be market conversion, its existing large capacity in turn squeeze the domestic market, it will reduce the price of the domestic market. Market supply is large, the domestic market will be some areas of pressure, the domestic market will certainly accelerate the adjustment, the market pattern will change.