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Storage Informatization Not Really Realized
Jun 23, 2017

    Foreign advanced warehouse Shelf management software, most of them are in-depth enterprise practice, such as from the source of product design, integration of procurement, production, sales information for storage system planning and design, and then into advanced management ideas, so that the storage management software can be put into practical operation. 

    The domestic supply of warehousing management software is only a simple simulation of computer opponents, warehousing technology and management ideas can not be very good with the actual integration of enterprises. Not the system can not run to form idle, that is, the efficiency of the operation is not high counterproductive. And the realization of a new system can not be separated from the close cooperation of the staff. 


    System application, must go to adapt to the system account of the thinking, warehouse administrator to do electronic accounts in the first place, the original manual account only to play an auxiliary role, spend more time to organize the materials, processing the hands of the document. This process is complementary, only the system data accuracy, the warehouse manager can fully trust, will give the work to bring greater help. 

    However, soon after the new system is implemented, the staff's way of thinking is to stay in the past manual account level, it is difficult to adapt to the new way of working. therefore. In the electronic account, the error rate is relatively high.