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Shelf Welding Standards And Requirements
Jun 23, 2017

1. The welding of the shelves: the parts of the shelves are welded with full penetration groove. The connection between the unique column and the beam, through which the joint of the upright column and the beam can be changed to the rigid connection direction; All the connecting bolts are made of friction type high-strength bolts. 2. How to handle the bottom of the shelf: the connection of the shelves and the ground in the stereoscopic warehouse adopts the way of the embedded parts. That is, when the foot is done, the parts connected with the bottom of the shelf are welded together beforehand with the reinforcement cage of the foundation, so that the whole floor and the shelves and the structure of the building steel structures form a rigid body, so that its seismic capability is greatly improved. 3. Shelf Load Analysis: The design of the shelves using the finite element analysis software, in the computer simulation of the shelf in the actual circumstances of the load, so as to determine the safety of the shelves. 4. Cold bending forming: because the shelves of the component forming basically using cold bending rolling process, so in the production work will produce stress concentration, thus affecting the shelf members of the force situation, so using a good molding technology, can prevent its stress concentration, improve the carrying capacity.