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Metal Racking For The Pharmaceutical Sector In Malaysia
Sep 15, 2017

    Qingdao Huichen Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd has carried out a new installation of metal racks for the pharmaceutical sector in Malaysia which consists of a dynamic racking system custom designed and made for the client.

    The features of pharmaceutical logistics meant designing ideal storage systems for working in warehouses with controlled temperatures. The installation was carried out in a cold storage chamber for controlled temperatures of between 4ºC and 8ºC, made up of several blocks of dynamic racks to a height of 7.5 m, 4 pallets in height and with variable depths of up to 6 pallets per module.


    Dynamic racks for 750 pallets were made for the installation which, thanks to the roller system eliminates the need for aisles between pallets, thus reaching a greater storage density than with conventional pallet racking. This racking system enables the palletised loads to be moved by gravity at a controlled speed. In this specific installation, the racks were designed for a fluid LIFO of the goods, where the last pallet to come in is the first to leave, but with a greater rotation level and greater handling manoeuvrability than with drive-in racking.

    Due to the special features of the cold warehousing and the need to carry out this metal racking project in the least time possible, both in the manufacturing of the racks and their installation, the client turned to the quality and reliability of Qingdao Huichen Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd which, with more than 20 years working in this field, has a consolidated experience in a great variety of industrial and logistics sectors, including the pharmaceutical sector.


    The installation was carried out in record time, easily meeting the client’s expectations and he has since expressed his great satisfaction at the speed and performance of the QINGDAO HUICHEN dynamic racking system for palletised warehouses.


    With this project, Qingdao Huichen Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd, strengthens its position in the logistics and pharmaceutical sector.


    Racking for the pharmaceutical sector

    Qingdao Huichen Storage Equipment Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer of top quality industrial racks. It enjoys a consolidated international presence, both in Asia and Australia, including a wide variety of metal racking types in its range of storage systems.


    Among the QINGDAO HUICHEN industrial pallet racking solutions for the pharmaceutical sector, the push-back racks and the dynamic racks are outstanding. These enable the aisle between pallets to be eliminated without sacrificing any great agility in material handling.


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