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Influence Of Steel Market Fluctuation On Shelf Industry
Jun 23, 2017

Recently, the country has developed a large number of related policies on steel production capacity, which also has an immediate effect on the price of steel market. Because of market volatility, we have made a certain adjustment to the price of the shelves, it is the common customer price problems, make the corresponding analysis. First of all, our storage shelves, raw materials for all steel, steel market fluctuations in the production costs of greater impact. Therefore, we in the steel fluctuation period, the storage shelf price is generally valid for five days. For different quantities, is also differentiated treatment, general customer replenishment of small batches of inquiry, we generally do not make adjustments to sacrifice a certain amount of profit to maintain the relative stability of the procurement costs. However, for large inquiries, we will explain to the customer the actual situation of the current steel rise, give the reasons for the increase, provide the relevant data. It is necessary to note that a but the steel into the upward period, in our offer period, not because of the rise of steel frequently to amend the quotation, to ensure that the customer received a quote to submit the price of the review period unchanged. Second, the impact of steel on the general supermarket shelves is also the same as storage shelves. But we have the usual size of the supermarket shelves, stock products, the cost of stability, we will not because of the rise in steel prices, the full benefit to customers, we stock the material gained by the increase in profits to consumers.