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How Can Improve Warehouse & Transportation (Distribution)
Sep 25, 2017

1. Select Transport

Transport is a major part of consignment distribution so, starting your warehouse & transportation it is necessary to find a good player of transporter for distribution. Try to find 2 or 3 best transporter for consignment distribution.

2. Transportation Expenses

Transportation Expenses is a major expenses in warehouse & transportation so, should plan your expenses for transportation in each & every area. Then you can find a good transport player in this work.

3. Benchmarking

A program to set up internal benchmarks will reduce your cost per order or hold the cost in line as volumes increase. Translate these down to department and individual work standards.

4. Manage the labor force

Labour is another one highest expenses for your consignment distribution. If your planning well the you can improve your handling cost.

5. Reduce handling and touches

The fewer touches of product, the less cost of shipping an order. An effective warehouse cost reduction strategy is to streamline the operation and apply industry best practices in order to reduce the handling and cost of fulfilling an order.

6. Slotting

Improvement in your slotting practices can down your costs for picking, storage, and put away warehouse labor.

7. Team building

Team Building is a very tough work for distribution Take seriously for team building for improve your level & productivity.

8. Picking options

How you can plan & best practices for improve your picking productivity.

9. Use what you have more productively

This is a mantra in fulfillment today. Our operational assessments will help you get more productivity from your layout, space/product storage utilization and staff. By not caring for the basics of fulfillment, you are adding costs to the warehouse operation. Increasing current capacity and utilizing that capacity more effectively are key objectives. We believe that getting as much productivity as possible out of the existing layout, processes and systems will help you reduce warehouse costs.

10. Performance reporting

For any industry Performance is must for review the actual work status. Always prepare performance report for analysis the work where you have go down in work & why cost increase. Lots of performance report prepare in distribution for checking actual details. Where you can found actual gap in work (Operation, Finance, Admin & Team).

11. Freight management

Control of your freight in distribution like inbound & outbound. This deference between profit & loss of your warehouse distribution business.

12. Receiving practices and cross docking

Cross docking is an effective practice to reduce handling and costs while improving customer service and transportation costs.

13. Process returns more efficiently

Returns cost is higher then order to process. So, look the customer credits, refund, exchange can loss of your business. This is our prime responsibility to use of staff, space & system for improve productivity.

14. Workforce software

Lots of company still run this business at Excel. But is fact is this industry can't run properly at excel. No any team can find little bit discrepancy in your working process. For better & best result use Warehouse Management system. Here you can find discrepancy in work & also get details on time.

15. Outsourcing option

There are practical and cost effective reasons to outsource part or all of your business. It may be to deal with a peak, new product categories or when fulfillment is not a company core competency.

16. Finding the right level of automation and systems

Rate of Increase analysis could put automation into your planning for cost improvement. The wrong material handling equipment can be creating hidden lost time and inefficient product flow, impacting cost and customer service.

17. Warehouse management / bar code systems

This should include reviewing how bar coding throughout the warehouse, conveyance, material handling and warehouse management systems can improve productivity, increase service levels and reduce costs. See more Warehouse Management Systems Implementation Strategies .

18. Transportation Billing & Payment

Transportation Billing & Payment is very necessary for warehouse & transportation. For better distribution its should must vendor payment on time.

19. Customer Invoicing & Collection

This is a prime responsibility for running warehouse & transportation business. Customer Invoicing is very necessary for this business. For better customer invoicing collect all documents on time from warehouse for invoicing. Without invoicing we can't run business properly.

20. Inventory management in the warehouse

Effective inventory management is the single most important tool to improve customer service and reduce cost of operation. See more Inventory Management Cost Savings Strategies.