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Conditions And Precautions For Custom-made Shelves
Jun 23, 2017

With the development of shelves, people on the form of shelves, requirements, and many other aspects of the more and more high, sometimes in order to achieve a certain feature or appearance, the need for custom-made shelves. Usually, we need custom-made shelves, steel shelves, wooden shelves, and plastic shelves. First, let's look at the custom-made wooden shelves. Of course, we do not produce wooden shelves. Wooden shelves are generally custom-made categories, because wooden shelves are currently in the market, no one in production. Wooden shelves are generally custom-made to show class, because of some not removable, heavy weight, short life and other shortcomings are generally not used in storage shelves. Besides, the custom of plastic shelves. Most of the plastic shelves are used in high-end consumer goods, which are generally designed and manufactured by professional prop companies. Finally, said the steel shelves custom. The custom of the steel shelves is divided into two categories, one kind is the standard non-standard size of the shelves custom; Many times the customer needs to be in fact the standard non-standard size shelf custom. In fact, this is very normal. Because the warehouse is different, the need to access the goods different, the actual use of the environment and other factors, customers often demand the shelf size is different. To teng shelves in many industry meetings have advocated the normal size to be renamed as the recommended size. In other words, in the shelves industry, in fact, there is no conventional size, all shelves we can call it non-standard customization.