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Application Range Of Heavy Duty Shelves
Jun 23, 2017

As one of the most widely used storage shelves, heavy-duty shelves are widely used in many industries and fields. We usually say the heavy-duty shelves, according to its unfamiliar scope, generally we put each layer carrying capacity of more than 500 kilograms shelves, called heavy shelves. Of course, with the increase in the form of heavy-duty shelves, we are now not in the capacity of this indicator. Usually heavy-duty shelves have two characteristics: first, is "big", width, length, height, generally more than two meters in length, width is generally greater than 80 cm, and height is usually greater than 2.5 meters. Second, with the forklift operation, whether the use of pallets or storage cages and other logistics carriers, generally need to cooperate with forklifts or stacker to work. Of course, in the industry, usually through profiles to define heavy-duty shelves. We put the upright section on the front of the shelves more than 75mm, known as heavy-duty rack profiles, while the use of heavy-duty shelves in the case of profiles is often called heavy shelves. Heavy-duty shelves have a very wide range of applications, covering almost all industries. Heavy-duty shelves are used in both finished and raw materials. Heavy-duty shelves have been continuously innovated because of their wide application. Now, the automated Stereo library is an innovation in its automation. It is the basic principle of the automated warehouse to simulate the operation of the forklift on the cargo by the software, and to record it automatically.