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Analysis On The Advantages Of Loft-style Shelves
Jun 23, 2017

A lot of customers see us to teng Loft-type shelf case or product introduction, found loft-style shelves can be divided into steel platform shelves, loft-style shelves, attic platform. In fact, this is from the structure of the attic to distinguish. If the customer needs upstairs downstairs have shelves, and upstairs downstairs specifications consistent shelves can also meet customer requirements, will be used in the attic-style shelves, this is to meet customer demand for the lowest cost-effective solution. And if the customer needs only a layer of high space into a two-tier medium and low space, then the need to use the steel platform shelves, it is through the column and beam, in the original site again to frame a layer of space. If the customer needs is downstairs have shelves, upstairs only need an empty space, then may use shelves platform, it is a layer of steel platform directly on the shelves. Loft-style shelves in the actual use, to optimize the space utilization rate, and it and other attic what advantages? First, it uses the steel structure, all parts are machine processing, which speeds up the construction speed, enhances the product quality. Second, it is a detachable structure that can be easily transferred to a new warehouse if the late warehouse changes. Third, its cost is the cheapest of all kinds of loft.