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Use of antistatic turnover box
Jun 23, 2017

Anti-static turnover box, can effectively release the surface accumulated static charge, so that it will not produce charge accumulation and high potential difference; with tenacity wear-resistant, moisture-proof anti-corrosion, thermal insulation shockproof, electrostatic, a large number of electronic components and product production process of the turnover of loading, packaging, storage and transportation. and has the folding, anti-aging, bearing strength, stretching, compression, tearing, high temperature, made box-type turnover box can be used for both turnover and finished goods packaging, lightweight, durable, stackable. Can be customized according to user needs of a variety of specifications, size, can be covered, dustproof, anti-static, elegant appearance. General anti-static turnover box in accordance with the size of the design provided by customers to make the most reasonable load, and can be multiple boxes overlap, the effective use of plant space, increase electronic components, PCB board, dust-free workshop parts storage capacity, saving production costs. In static electricity is more and more attention to the vast number of enterprises today, anti-static turnover box to help complete the electronic components of the turnover, storage of the general, integrated management, production and distribution enterprises to carry out modern production management of the necessary products.