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Tilt-type belt cover turnover box
Jun 23, 2017

Oblique-type belt cover turnover box is produced by high strength modified PP or PE, because of its oil resistance, acid and alkali, so widely used in automobiles, tobacco, home appliances, medicine, distribution and warehousing, not loading the goods can be inserted into each other stacking, this can save storage costs, and stacking space, but also reduce the cost of transportation, can also be used with pallets, so that can be quickly transported, improve the efficiency. Then the oblique plug-in with cover turnover box has the following characteristics: 1, the box has a new type of barrier-free handle, in line with ergonomic principles, easy to operate staff more efficient, more secure to grab the box, so that the handling more comfortable and convenient. The handle has enough length to ensure that the empty box is set into a smooth pull. 2, smooth inner surface and fillet design, both increase strength and easy to clean. The empty box oblique inserts freely, does not have the heap code not to be in place and so on phenomenon. 3, the box cover and the box long side connection place uses the galvanized steel wire to connect the hinge shaft, to take anti-theft mode closed, such as no special tools, without destroying the case, with external force can not be opened, while the box cover and the short side of the box design anti-theft lock device, to prevent the goods in the handling and distribution process scattered or stolen.