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Thickened plastic turnover box
Jun 23, 2017

The making method of thickening plastic turnover box is generally used in the process of injection molding, which is one of the most commonly used methods in plastic molding. It is similar to the principle and operation of injection syringes, so the market is also called injection molding, injection molding production of thickened plastic turnover box of raw materials mainly high-density ethylene, copolymer polypropylene and PVC and other plastic materials, injection molding suitable for thermoplastic and some thermosetting plastic molding. The injection process of the thickened plastic turnover box is as follows: charging one injection of a certain type by heating and moulding the powder or granular plastic from the hopper of the injection machine and feeding the barrel for heating, the plastic melts, achieves the flow state and has the good plasticity, then in the plunger (or the screw) pushes through the barrel front end nozzle to inject the temperature lower mold cavity, after the cooling stereotypes opens the mold, can obtain the plastic product. Injection molding equipment is mainly injection machine (including injection system, clamping system, hydraulic transmission system and electrical control system) and plastic mold (including gating system, forming parts and structural parts), the most used injection molding machine is horizontal mobile screw injection molding machine. Injection molding equipment Investment is larger, the mold structure complex, processing costs high, thickening plastic turnover box injection molding suitable for large-scale production.