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The selection of the display rack
Jun 23, 2017

First, accurate positioning, the pursuit of the highest cost-effective: a share of the money. Many of our customers in the initial chat with us, will give us some pictures as a reference, let us take this as a standard, in accordance with customer requirements for the transformation. and to Teng Super Exhibition design section of the designers design good drawings, and to the cost accounting department, through the Business department to the customer quotes, many customers realize that the purchase cost is too high, beyond the original budget. This is our customer in the Grade positioning error, What kind of store should be used in the display, should be thoughtful in the design of the project. Second, different products, should choose suitable products to display the style used to the display rack of many customers, and the display of more product categories, different products should have different shelves to display, so as to fit the characteristics of the product, make people look comfortable, easy to remember the product, played a very good advertising role. Third, the color of the collocation not too fancy: some customers to our design department to make the design requirements, the color requirements of the shelves are very strict. In fact, because of the difference of production process, Each process has a certain color difference. Most of our shelves are sprayed with plastic treatment, the biggest drawback is not a variety of colors used in a part, if the need for other colors, it must also be through other treatment, such as screen printing. This cost is too high, and the actual effect is not necessarily good.