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Shelf Selection Tips
Jun 23, 2017

Selection of shelves is also a technology, the correct choice of good shelves is an effective logistics warehouse an important content, if the size of the shelf selection is large, not only a waste of space, but also inconvenient to operate, if the shelf selection is small, the utilization rate is reduced. Therefore, according to the situation of the goods and the actual situation of the warehouse to choose shelves, then choose a good shelf manufacturers are particularly important, a lot of people are not professional, so to a professional shelf technicians planning good shelves, to ensure the efficient shelf. What are the main considerations for the professional operators of industrial shelves? 1, storage warehouse size, according to the actual area to control the size of the shelf, 2, the future storage of the weight of goods, according to the largest number of calculations, 3, the relevant properties of goods, affecting factors. How to look at the quality of the shelves: 1, the joint parts of the shelves are welded securely, 2, the shelves of material how, 3, the structure of the shelf is solid, 4, the surface of the shelf painting is smooth.