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Shelf safety Precautions
Jun 23, 2017

A choice of professional, honest shelf supplier: Today's shelves industry, competition is particularly fierce, which led to a lot of illegal small-shelf companies, in order to reverse the high cost of the disadvantage, or malicious price competition, false material, reduce safety factor, or not to reach the customer required load. Once a security problem arises, these small shelves of companies may not be able to compensate customers for the losses they incur. Therefore, it is important to select the suppliers, to make shelves to attend the relevant summits, repeatedly stressed the safety of the shelves, over the years has also been the leading shelf of the industry norms and the introduction of the national standard, has achieved a certain effect, hope that through these standards to let each shelf suppliers in the same starting point, to eliminate vicious competition, according to the current to make shelves of standards, the safety factor at least to reach more than 1.35. Two shelves before use, should pay attention to the use of shelf signs on the note: The general large-scale shelves companies have a logo, although the content is different, but will be detailed description of the use of shelves notice. For example, to make shelves of the logo, there are shelf-level drawings, safety channel identification, the overall load-bearing capacity of the shelves, shelf-floor load-bearing capacity, shelves, such as placing notes. We use them in accordance with these requirements and parameters.