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Racking Guards & Warehouse Safety
May 21, 2018

Racking Guards from Racking DIRECT

Every responsible employer should be concerned for the staff’s safety. In big warehouses where loads of items are being trucked in on a daily basis, there must be a safe space where workers can work in peace without worrying about falling item or stepping into something that may hurt.

This is where Racking guards come in very handy. They can be a good safety feature in warehouses, construction areas, storage facilities and other workplaces. Racking guards can help organize the workplace and thus providing a safer work station for everyone.

Safety that’s Easy to Implement

With Racking guards easy-to-install feature, it can be assembled proficiently providing more room for work and ensuring that everyone will work safely and efficiently. Each rack post protectors are finished with a durable powder-coated, safety-yellow paint which help ensure maximum visibility. These Racking guards are heavy duty and durable once properly installed, which then make it hard to be moved or flipped over. These guardrails are also built from the finest and superior materials that can guarantee strong and adaptable guards. They are carefully engineered to withstand a 10,000-lb impact and 4 m.p.h.

Reinforce Your System

Another distinguishing quality of these Racking guards is the sturdiness and stability of its steel tube bollards which are welded to welded to a 10 x 10 base plate and painted with a durable powder-coated safety-yellow finish made to stand up from the inside traffic. There’s also a 12×12 base plate for extra security.

Racking guards are indeed are very helpful safety tool for warehouses, construction sites, and other workplaces where staff and workers are not confined in a four corner of an office space. It can serve as a safety cloud for everyone thus giving yourself and your staff some peace of mind that will enable for a must efficient and higher level of productivity for the company.