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Precautions for the use of shelves
Jun 23, 2017

Now the use of shelves has been very extensive, whether it is a large supermarket or a careful grocery store, whether it is a large production workshop or a small workshop, whether it is a Cross-border logistics company or the same city logistics distribution, in order to save limited operating space, people choose shelves to store goods and products, in a limited space to show more goods, in a limited space to store more semi-finished products or products. The general cargo home has the specialized goods factory to carry on the regular maintenance, so in the case of the goods home problems affect the normal use of the goods manufacturers will be the first time to help solve the problem, but this quality of damage is required to pay additional costs, so the correct use of shelves can reduce damage, prolong shelf life and also reduce the cost of spending. 1, wooden shelves in the use of the first to pay attention to moisture, wooden shelves if damp after drying in the sun, but also pay attention to ventilation, or shelves easily moldy or even peeling. Because wooden shelves are more flammable, use the time to pay attention to fire. 2, the use of metal shelves should also pay attention to moisture, if wet after the need to wipe dry with a clean cloth, otherwise the shelves easily rust. Also note that some metal shelves surface is simple paint treatment, rust-proof ability is very poor, but also special treatment. Also avoid erosion of corrosive objects when used. 3, the use of glass shelves should pay attention to shockproof. Glass shelves are generally less carrying capacity, in use as far as possible not to put overweight objects on it. Also prevent sharp corners or sharp edges from causing damage to users.

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