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How to install the mold rack is safe
Jun 23, 2017

Mold Rack is a kind of plastic mold, metal mold placed racks. Mainly by the column, guide groove, drawer layer, pull rod, positioning pin, such as the use of bolt connection, stable structure, safe and reliable, generally used in rows. Drawer disk mainly by the slide, drawer disk composition, simple structure, easy disassembly, transportation and assembly. The drawer board is provided with a roller track, which can still be pulled with a small force, sliding smoothly, additional positioning safety device, safe and reliable, can be 66% out, each layer can be stored 800-1000. The drawer-type shelve occupies the ground to be small, the bearing is important, the classification detailed, the operation is simple, each layer carries less than 750kg for the medium type drawer type shelve, each layer carries the larger than the 750kg layer is the weight type drawer type shelve.