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Characteristic use of storage shelves
Jun 23, 2017

Storage shelf load-bearing capacity, storage shelves each layer of the largest load up to 5000kg, access fast and convenient, is the most widely used pallet-type cargo storage System, has a strong versatility. Its structure is the shelves along the width of the warehouse into a number of rows, during which a roadway, for stacking cranes, forklifts or other handling machinery pass. Each row of shelves along the warehouse longitudinal direction into a number of columns, in the vertical direction divided into several layers, so as to form a large number of shelves for storage of goods pallets. Features: Each pallet can be deposited or moved independently, the warehouse shelves make the loading and unloading process of the goods simpler and faster. Can adapt to all types of goods, according to the size of the goods required to adjust the height of the beam, can use the upper space of the warehouse as much as possible. Supporting facilities are the simplest, the lowest cost, installation and demolition is very convenient. Storage shelves are made of high-quality steel plate, surface using electrostatic spraying treatment, anti-corrosion/anti-rust/rugged beauty. Its various specifications and load-bearing design to meet the factory, warehouse, assembly line, storage supermarket use requirements. When you need the shelves for each layer of load-bearing 100-1500k, this is the ideal choice, but also a platform to use, so light shelves suitable for the factory to store light items and storage supermarket use. Socket assembly, easy installation and disassembly, wide use.