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Application and characteristics of fine display frame
Jun 23, 2017

Boutique shelves, also known as boutique display rack, in the shelves industry, more use of it to refer specifically to the color aluminum display rack. The use of boutique shelves is very extensive companies, offices, stores and other venues are widely used to store goods, generally used to display goods or products, with spotlights, mirrors, etc. to improve the sense of the display. Boutique shelves after processing, general performance: the appearance of exquisite, reasonable design, jiangxinduju; the surface by electrochemical process treatment, color uniformity, bright luxury, and resistance to damage, corrosion resistance, at the same time has a good impact resistance and flexibility. With "Friends" fine Shelf profile Seiko production of display equipment, fashion concise, elegant exquisite, so that all kinds of goods to perfect foil, display. Therefore, boutique shelves by toys, gifts, handicrafts, cosmetics, jewelry, automotive supplies, lighting, communications, tobacco and alcohol, home appliances, such as department stores, many industries Pro-gaze. Boutique shelves and because of its simple disassembly, convenient transportation, good display effect of the characteristics, by the Canton Fair, the United States fair and other major exhibitions customers welcome. Boutique shelves generally have the following characteristics: 1, assembly-type, can be adjusted to the height of the cargo layer, 2, appearance neat, beautiful, high utilization of space; 3, aluminum surface plating, anti-rust anti-corrosion, environmental protection and practical.